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Each dog is unique but most dog owners aren’t. We pretty much all want the same thing: to live happily with our dogs. To take them anywhere, to enjoy their company, to have fun together, for them not to embarrass us by stealing sandwiches from a kids’ picnic, turning deaf when we call and barking their heads off at every dog that passes (yep, we’ve had dogs that did all of that too).


Our dog training story 

It began many years ago when we found ourselves in the same dog training class. A big, chaotic, stressful class in a small, noisy hall. No-one was having fun. Not even the instructor. And we thought: ‘We could do this better. A lot better.’


Since then, Sue Rose has studied with some incredible dog trainers and behaviourists* in the UK, Europe and America and is a fully qualified member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (see bottom of the page to find out why this matters).


‘My starting point working with dogs is emotion. Lots of people are surprised by that but emotions - excitement, fear, anxiety, frustration, pleasure - drive your dog’s behaviour. Understanding emotion is the key to solving many problem behaviours. Understanding your dog is how training works.’


Carol Connor has studied widely with the IMDT, focussing on group classes: ‘I want our classes to be fun for the owner AND the dog. If you’re both enjoying it, you’ll both be motivated to keep training. Our methods are simple and effective which means you get results. The better you get, the more you enjoy it.’


Why we run the classes we do

We don’t run old style ‘obedience’ classes. There's nothing wrong with them, we just think they’re a bit boring. Our puppy classes are all about giving you and your pup the best possible start, by understanding each other; our Shape 'Em Up course is designed to get you working better together; and our Challenge class is all about having fun together.


So that’s it. Whether you have a dog whose behaviour is a problem, or you’re just starting out with a puppy, we're here to help you to enjoy your dog and your dog to enjoy life. 


For classes and 1-2-1 training contact

For classes, dog walking and dog boarding contact


* Incredible dog trainers: Steve Mann (UK, IMDT), Nando Brown (Spain, IMDT), Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, KPACTP (USA), Jane Killion (Puppy Culture, USA) and Geert de Bolster (Mindwise, Netherlands). 


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The essentials - stuff every puppy and puppy owner should know 


A five-week course that takes your puppy to the next stage and gets your junior (or older) dog back on track 



The mixed activity class that dogs love! Fun agility, trick training, useful obedience stuff, nosework, brain games...

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BREED:Springer/cocker cross

ISSUE: Separation anxiety

NOW: Is able to relax alone

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NAME: Tess

BREED: Border terrier (rescue)

ISSUE: Aggression to other dogs

NOW: Lives happily with another border terrier



BREED: Mixed (rescue)

ISSUEScared of the outside world

NOW: Loves walks and travelling in the car


To qualify with the IMDT demands lengthy training and a full two-day assessment testing theoretical and practical skills, plus regular, rigorous re-assessments with proof of continuous professional development