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The dog you get may be with you for 12 years or more: that’s a huge commitment. Many of the problems we see stem from a basic mismatch between dog and owner, often because a dog has been chosen for its looks, or without understanding what kind of dog it will grow into.


Getting the right dog from the right place is key, so why not talk to us first? Sue Rose offers consultations for anyone thinking of getting a dog or puppy, including the questions you MUST ask any breeder. She will spend time getting to know you, your household and your routine, what you want from a dog and what you don’t and can help you shortlist the type of dogs that will suit you and guide you with the questions you must ask any breeder - whether they are choosing the mother and father responsibly, if they create the right conditions for the mother’s pregnancy (stress during pregnancy can have an effect on the temperament of the litter) and how they intend to handle the puppies' vital first few weeks of life.




When you are considering whether a certain breed of dog is right, the first thing you need to think about is ‘what were these dogs bred for?’. Although in recent years many dogs have been bred for looks alone, all breeds originally evolved to do a certain job, whether that is herding, retrieving, hunting, ratting or simply being companionable. The characteristics that make dogs good at these jobs are encoded deep within each breed’s genes. Terriers, for instance, were bred to hunt out their prey independently of their handlers. A ‘good’ Border Terrier, one that would have been bred from, would be game enough to harry a fox out of its earth, barking furiously, without direction from its handler. So why are we surprised when our lovely little pet Borders are barky little blighters who like to hare off and disappear down fox holes?


Reading breed descriptions can be a little like reading an estate agents’ brochure – ‘fiercely loyal’ may also mean ‘can be aggressive to strangers’, great if that’s what you want in a dog but not if you want a dog that’s chilled out while you have big, social gatherings!


If you are unsure about whether a particular dog will be right for you, talk to Sue on 07902 793979.