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Give your puppy the best possible start 

HotDog's Perfect Puppy Foundations

Monday evening, Friday and Saturday mornings 

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Join us in our spacious, all-weather venue in Great Kingshill

Our puppy classes are small, relaxed and friendly. We show you how to teach your pup the essential life skills your dog needs to become a contented family pet. That starts with you and your puppy learning to communicate in a way that builds a great bond. There's time to talk through typical puppy problems, for the pups to socialise, and we throw in a few games too (there are behavioural science reasons for this but all your puppy knows is... it's fun!). The emphasis is on enjoyment and success for you and your pup. 


In just five weeks HotDog's Perfect Puppy Foundations course teaches your puppy to:-


* Pay attention when you say his/her name

* Come to you when called

* Walk on a relaxed lead

* Sit and stay

* Lie down and stay 

* Greet people calmly (no jumping up!)

* Give up an object when asked

* Have fun exploring puppy agility

* Learn nosework games they'll love

and much more... including how to understand your puppy's body language, emotional states and how to avoid common problems in puppyhood.


Puppy class numbers are limited so everyone receives personal attention, so please book early. 


Courses start at regular intervals (see booking form for dates) and cost £75 for the five-week course, including handouts. The class is suitable for any young dog who has not received basic training but the younger they begin, the better. To ensure that your puppy can join the soonest available course, it is advisable to enrol as soon as you get your puppy. 

Perfect Puppy Foundations – Monday evening, 
Friday and Saturday mornings 

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Any questions? - 07902 793979 - 07557 262424



If you need flexible training times or more personalised training 1-2-1 puppy training can start in your home as soon as your puppy arrives - or even before, if you like - with support and advice on typical puppy issues like chewing, playbiting, house training, separation and (ESSENTIAL!) socialisation. Once your puppy is vaccinated, we move to a secure outdoor venue.

We'll cover all the essential life skills your puppy will need to become a contented, well-behaved dog that everyone can enjoy. Where possible, we'll get the whole family involved too.

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Join us in our spacious, all-weather venue in Great Kingshill Full directions and starting instructions given on booking

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