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Does your dog's behaviour affect your life?

Barking, guarding, separation distress, anxiety and aggression are very common issues that affect the quality of life for dogs and their owners. Sadly, these are not things that tend to get better on their own. The more your dog 'practises' these behaviours, the more ingrained they become as the 'right' response (in the dog's mind)). Even worse, a lot of the advice on social media and dog training TV programmes is downright dangerous. HotDog Training's IMDT qualified and experienced behaviourist team helps owners resolve a vast range of issues, including simply wanting to plan a successful change in routine, to head off problems, like preparing for the arrival of a new baby or taking the dog to the office.

A few of the issues we've recently helped with -

  • A dog who couldn't be groomed

  • Constant barking at random noises

  • Chasing joggers/bikes

  • Sudden aggression towards other dogs

  • Aggression towards people

  • Extreme anxiety following rescue

  • Separation distress


In all these cases, we offer 1-2-1 consultations and observations with Sue or Tracy (find out more about us). We sit down with you, take a full history, and look at your dog in a holistic way to get to the root of the problem. Each dog is as much an individual as their owner, and so we create a bespoke action plan that will help to change the behaviours you don't want and improve the behaviours you do want, with a positive, gentle and science-based approach.


Full consultations are £175, which includes ongoing telephone and email support. If there's a way you and your dog could be enjoying a happier life together, do get in touch and have a chat. We'd love to help 07902 793979 or

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