From puppies
to oldies

1-2-1 training is available for dogs of all ages, whether you need help with training things like recall and lead walking, or any kind of behaviour issue.


Contact Sue Rose to discuss how you and your dog can lead a more relaxed and fulfilling life together.

1-2-1 training starts at £60 
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Expert one-to-one help for training and behaviour issues

Would you like your dog to -


• Stop pulling on the lead?

• Come back when you call?

• Be happy to stay alone?

• Stop destroying things?

Does your dog -


* Show aggression around other dogs?

* Appear unhappy or frightened

in certain situations? 

* Seem worried by bikes, traffic etc?

These are issues that rarely improve without support and HotDog Training can help. Sue Rose is a fully-qualified IMDT trainer who is experienced in working with dogs with a wide range behaviour issues.


1-2-1 agility sessions 

When your pet finds the outside world stressful, whether that's because they react to other dogs, traffic or something else, exercising your dog often becomes every bit as stressful for you.

Individual agility sessions are fantastic for reactive dogs. They allow you to exercise your dog in a secure setting and work together in a way that's fun and builds confidence. 

Agility is a brilliant way to build the partnership between you and your dog. You simply can't do it without each other and your dog learns to look to you for direction. In focussing on your verbal and body cues in a fun activity, your dog learns they can relax and follow your lead.

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Father and Son

Expecting a new baby?

Getting your dog ready to welcome a new baby into your home can be a worrying time for many parents. We can help you prepare your dog, your home and your lifestyle so the transition is as smooth and safe as possible. We recommend you get in touch around three months before baby is born, but we can help at any time.

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Working from Home