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"I want to thank HotDog yet again for being amazing. We have practised every day and she responds so quickly. Other owners were so impressed by her obedience, saying they have similar issues with their dogs!"

From puppies
to oldies

1-2-1 training is available for dogs of all age.


Many people choose to start their life with their puppy with a Flying Start session at home when their pup is tiny. This sets amazing foundations for their future life and helps prevent so many of the common issues we see with older dogs. Find out more


For older dogs, whether you need help with training things like recall and lead walking, a brilliant retrieve, getting rid of behaviours like jumping up, working dog skills, or anything else contact us to find out how you and your dog can lead a more relaxed and fulfilling life together.

1-2-1 training starts at £60. 
07902 793979

Expert one-to-one help for training and behaviour issues

Does your dog -


* Show aggression around other dogs?

* Appear unhappy or frightened

in certain situations? 

* Seem worried by bikes, traffic etc?

Would you like your dog to -


• Stop pulling on the lead?

• Come back when you call?

• Be happy to stay alone?

• Stop destroying things?

These are issues that rarely improve by themselves and HotDog Training can help. Sue Rose and Tracy Crook are fully-qualified IMDT trainers and behaviour specialists who work side by side with owners to help their dogs overcome a wide range behaviour issues. Full consultations for behaviour issues are £175, which includes ongoing support while your dog progresses.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you and your dog live more happily 07902 793979

Father and Son

Expecting a new baby?

Getting your dog ready to welcome a new baby into your home can be a worrying time for many parents. We can help you prepare your dog, your home and your lifestyle so the transition is as smooth and safe as possible. We recommend you get in touch around three months before baby is born, but we can help at any time.

Contact 07557 262424

Working from Home
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