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The Perfect Fit harness

We recommend dogs wear harnesses when they are on the lead. It takes pressure off the delicate throat and neck areas and many dogs feel far more relaxed in a well fitted harness. We've tried many, many harnesses over the years but this is the only one we've agreed to be official stockists for. Why?


We love how it fits.

The harness comes in three pieces, and each piece comes in 2-4 sizes, so we can get a really bespoke fit for your dog, whether you have a baby dachshund or a full grown Newfoundland. That clever 3-piece design means that not only does the harness expand in five different ways, so you get a lot of growth room, but when your puppy finally grows out of, say, the bit that goes around the tummy, you can just buy the next size up in that piece, so you don't have to buy a whole new harness. In the long run, we find the Perfect Fit works out to be great value, especially for puppies.


We love the design.

Fleece lining on every part means it sits nicely on your dog's coat and doesn't rub. In fact, it's so comfortable that you can leave it on when your dog goes off lead. And the unique design also means you don't have to push it over your dog's head or manhandle their legs through loops., something that many dogs dislike.


It discourages pulling and gives you excellent control.

The Perfect Fit gives you the option of using it with a double clip lead, one clip on the back, one on the front. For strong pullers, this gives you really good control and discourages your dog from pulling.


Call us shallow, but we love the colours!

The Perfect Fit comes in an amazing range of colours, from classic to pretty to neon. And there are matching leads too, which are also fleece lined, so they are gentle on your hands and have great grip.

Get in touch with us for a free, no obligation fitting. You don't have to be a client, everyone is welcome. Email or Call us to make an appointment.

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