Below are details of all the classes we offer - you're welcome to call us to chat through the options if you're not sure. Classes fill up quickly so please book soon. See BOOK A CLASS for upcoming dates. 

Perfect Puppy Foundations


Our premium designed to give your puppy a fantastic start in training and give you help with common puppy problems. 6-week course

'Em Up improvers


Your dog, only better! Ideal as a follow on from puppy class, or for 'teen' dogs, or any dog whose basic training needs, well, shaping up! 5-week course


Super Dog

Next level training


For dogs and handlers who enjoy the fun and challenge of training. Add super skills with great real life uses. 5-week course

Busy Dog
Work those brains and bodies

hdt-challenge-2019 (13 of 34).jpg

For dogs who enjoy life and enjoy having stuff to do. Introduce your dog to agility, trick training and nosework - all skills that will enrich their lives and yours. 6-week course

Working Dog
Turn natural instincts into super skills

A chocolate labrador is standing in a heather field with a green canvas dummy in its mouth

Steady self-control, great responsiveness and working in harmony with you - all skills that gun dogs learn and that can be used to enhance their life and yours. 

Dog agility
Just for the fun of it



The chance for you and your dog to have a go at the UK's favourite dog sport. Learn together, work as a team and have fun mastering jumps, tunnels, hoops, weaves and more. Low impact, no pressure.