From puppy training to dog training, agility and advanced training, there's a HotDog class for your dog 

Perfect Puppy Foundations

A premium, six-week course that will give your puppy a fantastic start in training and give you help with common puppy problems.  

'Em Up improvers

Your dog, only better! Ideal as a follow on from puppy class, or for 'teen' dogs, or any dog whose basic training needs, well, shaping up!

Super Dog

Next level training

For dogs and handlers who enjoy the fun and challenge of training. A six week course adding super skills with great real life uses

Busy Dog

Work those brains and bodies

For dogs who enjoy life and love stuff to do. Six weeks teaching your dog fun agility, trick training and nosework - skills that will enrich their lives and yours

Fun agility

Come and
have a go

The perfect way to enjoy dog agility without the pressure of competition. Learn key agility skills and tackle full agility courses each week

Challenge Club

Your dog's favourite part of the week! Five week blocks mixing activities dogs love - trick training, brain games, fun agility, nosework and obedience skills


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'We so enjoy your classes. We've been to many over the years and yours are the best!' E.C, Beaconsfield


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