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Busy Dog - for dogs who love life!

This course is for dogs of any age who would enjoy doing more. Over six weeks you'll discover a range of activities your dog will love -


* Trick training to stimulate their brain and get the two of you working together

* Fun agility - the ultimate partnership activity and a fantastic workout for energetic dogs

* Scentwork - harness the incredible power of your dog's nose.


You'll learn skills you can use every day to make life with your dog more fun and more fulfilling.

WHEN Busy Dog runs on Saturday mornings at regular intervals throughout the year (see booking page for dates and availability)

WHERE Our classes are in an indoor riding school in Great Kingshill so we are under cover and have LOTS of space

HOW MUCH? The six-week course is £125


The course is designed to be fun and fulfilling for dogs who enjoy a class setting and are able to relax and work around other dogs. You'll get more from this course if your dog has a good recall, sit and wait. 

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