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WHEN Shape 'Em Up is a five-week course running on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings.  Courses start at regular intervals (see booking form for dates and availability)

WHERE Our classes are held in an airy indoor riding school in Great Kingshill so we are under cover and have LOTS of space. Full social distancing and safety measures are in place. Details on booking,.

HOW MUCH? The five-week course is £115, which includes full course notes.


The course is designed to be the next stage after puppy foundation training, or booster training for older dogs, or starter training for rescue dogs. If your dog knows the basics, even if these are not reliable, this course is suitable. If your dog is not comfortable around other dogs, please speak to us before booking.


Shape 'Em Up improvers class - your dog, only better!

Have you done puppy training and want to keep going? Or perhaps your dog knows the basics, kind of, when they feel like doing it…? This five-week course boosts your dog’s essential skills and gets them on the right track.


Underpinning it all is a real focus on and understanding of how to get your dog to make the smart choices: to do the stuff you like, not because you constantly need to tell her, but because that's what she chooses to do.


We concentrate on the skills pet owners find most useful: 


* Get your dog’s focus regardless of what is going on

* Power up your recall

* Make lead walking a pleasure

* How to settle calmly in all kinds of settings

* PLUS impulse control, simple trick training and much more….


Using positive and proven training methods, we’ll show you how to manage that tricky 'teenage' stage and/or get dogs whose training has gone a bit wonky (or who never had much to begin with!) back on track. 

'We've got so much out of your Shape 'Em Up course, we know how to communicate with our dog so much better, thank you!' S.H, Amersham

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