WHEN Super Dog runs on Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings. See booking form for next class

WHERE Our classes are in an indoor riding school in Great Kingshill so we are under cover and have LOTS of space

HOW MUCH? Each six week course is £80, which includes weekly handout notes.

IS THIS CLASS RIGHT FOR MY DOG? Super Dog is designed for dogs and handlers who enjoy training and have good training basics - sit, down, wait/stay and recall. All dogs must be able to relax in a company of other dogs

Super Dog - look at you go!

If you've done basic training and want something more interesting and challenging for you and your dog, Super Dog is the course for you

This is a fun course that takes your dog's training to the next level. This is a great choice if you've done puppy training and/or our Shape 'Em Up course and want to make the most of your dog's potential.

Most of all, you'll get a more responsive dog and build a better relationship together.

Over six weeks, you'll learn really useful skills including:

* Emergency stop - get your dog to stop instantly, even if they're running away from you!

* Retrieve and release - build enthusiasm and drive for this fun game and useful skill

* Instant down - ask your dog to lie down instantly, however far away from you they are

* Spot on sit - get a rock solid sit, regardless of what's going on around

* Stand, give all four paws 

And combinations of these skills to give you impressive control!

'I couldn't believe what we achieved on this course. It was like a light bulb went on in her head' 


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'We so enjoy your classes. We've been to many over the years and yours are the best!' E.C, Beaconsfield


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