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Working Dog - skills for any dog!

Turn your dog's natural instincts into super skills

A chocolate labrador is standing in a heather field with a green canvas dummy in its mouth

Working dogs are trained to work in harmony with their handler. That level of responsiveness is something owners of all kinds of dogs aspire to. This six week course helps you and your dog develop that partnership. What you learn together gives your dog an outlet for all their natural instincts in a way that's fun and motivating for both of you 


What will we learn?

This six-week course is designed as an introduction to the key skills working dogs use, including -

* Respond to the whistle

* Walk beside you off lead

* Search for an object

* Retrieve an object

* Stop, start and change direction


What will we be doing?

Working in a large, airy, covered barn, we'll show you how to turn those instincts to charge around sniffing and chasing into assets! You'll teach your dog to respond to you at a distance, build their self control, and encourage their enthusiasm for searching and retrieving. You'll need a training dummy or toy and a dog whistle  for distance control.


Is this right for my dog?

The class is ideal of course for all those gun dogs types - labs, retrievers, spaniels, pointers, setters, vizslas etc. But many dogs, regardless of breed, share that love of searching, picking up and carrying objects. If that's your dog and they have a reasonable recall, a good 'sit' and are able to relax and work around other dogs, you'll both love this course. 

WHEN Working Dog runs on Friday mornings at regular intervals throughout the year (see booking page for dates and availability)

WHERE Our classes are in an indoor riding school in Great Kingshill so we are under cover and have LOTS of space

HOW MUCH? The six-week course is £135. 


The course is designed to be fun and fulfilling for dogs who enjoy being in a busy class setting and are able to relax and work around other dogs. You'll get more from this course if your dog has a good recall, good eye contact and a steady sit (or wait). 

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