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It's Official! HotDog Training is the Best Dog Trainer in the Area

Certificate showing HotDog Training's award for the Best Dog Trainer in High Wycombe

We are thrilled to announce that HotDog Training has been honoured as the top dog training school in High Wycombe and district.

We've been awarded the prestigious title of Best Dog Trainer, with a remarkable quality rating of 95% or higher. When you come to class, we hope you find them relaxed and friendly but behind the scenes, we never stop working! Our committed team is constantly working to make our courses better and better and our behaviourists are dedicated to helping owners overcome all kinds of dog behaviour problems.

If you haven't yet experienced our training sessions, or would like help with your dog's behaviour and training in any way, come and join us and discover firsthand why we have been recognised for this award.

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